Get Excited About Opposition!

I enjoy a good game of basketball. I’m unstoppable…when I play alone. When there’s no opposition, I can make any play and hit any shot. But some years ago, I had an opportunity to go one-on-one with a star member of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. Suddenly, I wasn’t playing so well! But that’s the way the game of basketball is designed to be played. Having to face an opponent and learn how to cooperate with teammates to overcome the opposition should make me a better player, not a poorer one.

It’s the same in marriage. Life’s trials aren’t designed to destroy your union. On the contrary, it’s in learning how to face and overcome opposition and tough times together that a couple grows closer to each other and to God. Until you face opposition as a couple, you will never really know how strong your marriage is. Until you have to work together to overcome an opponent, you will never know how good your teamwork might be. Sure, the enemy will take aim at your marriage. From day one, his goal has been the destruction of marriage and family. But God has a wonderful way of turning Satan’s attacks into faith-building trials. So the next time you and your spouse bump into opposition, get excited. God is about to grow your marriage!