Fasting and Praying for a Mate, Part 2

“The LORD, the God of heaven, who took me from my father’s house. . . . and who spoke to me and who swore to me, saying, ‘To your descendants I will give this land,’ He will send His angel before you, and you will take a wife for my son from there (Genesis 24:7).

Fasting and praying for a mate involves not only commitment to God, but also confidence in God. Abraham was telling his servant that the Lord who promised his descendants would inherit the land would also provide the descendants. Our second principle then introduces faith in divine guidance. This faith was not some nebulous faith, but an expressed faith. It was a faith that inspires us to follow.

We can expect God to intervene in our situations because He will honor our commitment and give us contentment while we are waiting. Abraham’s servant got up and got going. Faith is not passive. It steps out on the promises of God.

Abraham’s servant stepped out in faith, and on the way he prayed for more guidance. Notice that Abraham had chosen a man of prayer. “O LORD, the God of my master Abraham, please grant me success today, and show lovingkindness to my master Abraham. . . . Now may it be that the girl to whom I say, ‘Please let down your jar so that I may drink,’ and who answers, ‘Drink, and I will water your camels also’—may she be the one whom You have appointed for Your servant Isaac(vv. 12, 14).

Faith acts by moving in the natural manner, looking for a godly person, and letting God make the connection.