Faith Is Measured By What You Do

Faith is measured by what you do, not just what you talk about doing. Be encouraged today as you respond to God in faith.

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Let Jesus Flow through You

The word testament means “covenant.” So when you read the New Testament, you are actually reading about the New Covenant. When Jesus was preparing to die on the cross, He shared a final meal with His disciples. It was the Passover meal, but Jesus gave it new significance (Luke 22:14-20). At that meal, He said, “This cup which is poured out for …

Align Your Thoughts under Him

I love cream in my coffee. I never drink my coffee black. Whenever I pour myself a cup of coffee, I always add the white cream and mix it together. At that point, a union has occurred. I once had black coffee and white cream, but now I have brown coffee. If I take the coffee with me into my …