Creation or Evolution

One plus one equals two whether you are a theist or a humanist. But when you start accumulating data and sifting it through your worldview, it affects what you do with the answer. In other words, your worldview determines how you use the information you have collected.

There are many areas of education today in which the battle of worldview is being fought.

One area is the subject of creation, or First Cause. If you believe that mankind is the product of evolution, that will affect the value you put on human life, the way you think about the world, and your ethics. Instead of honoring mankind as a little lower than the angels, you will denigrate him as a little higher than the apes.

But if you believe that God is the Creator, that means you embrace the concept of another Authority that supersedes human authority. Therefore you will not believe that man’s authority is the measure of all things, and you will be governed by a standard of truth that is above and outside of man-made authority.

The issue of creation isn’t just a matter of how we came to exist. It is a worldview issue, a matter of who reign in ultimate authority on this earth, man or God. Your decision on this question will impact every part of your life. How you view this matter will even determine how you value life – how you value yourself and others. This is a critical piece of truth that when absent from the education of a culture will lead to increased crime and violence.

Verse: “How much better it is to get wisdom than gold!
And to get understanding is to be chosen above silver.” Proverbs 16:16