Communication Doesn’t Just Happen

As believers in Jesus Christ, we are all members of His body. That means we are vitally connected to each other. Eye to hand. Brain to toe. Lungs to heart. A healthy human body functions because it has a communication system. Now think about your marriage. Jesus said that when a man and woman are joined in matrimony, “they are no longer two, but one flesh” (Matthew 19:6). That means to survive and thrive, you need to communicate with each other. Too many couples think good communication will “just happen.” But it takes work, because a marriage brings together two different people with different personalities, and two different sets of experiences and assumptions.

Man of the house…do you know how you can improve your communication skills almost overnight? Work as hard to communicate with your wife now as you did when you were trying to win her. Back then, you jumped to turn off the TV if she called and wanted to talk. You had no problem finding cards that said what was on your heart. The flowers and candy were frequent. You talked about your plans and dreams. Why stop now? Turn off the ball game, look your wife in the eyes, and tell her you want to talk. Don’t let her feel your love just one day out of the year – communicate every day and deepen your relationship with your wife.