The Storm

Walking in faith has more to do with your proximity to God than people’s opinion of you. Dr. Tony Evans retells the story of a faith-building occurrence that happened at Brice Stadium in South Carolina. He reminds us that the most unlikely of people can still be a hero of the faith.  

Do You Ever Doubt?

Do you ever struggle with doubt? If the answer to that is yes, rest assured that you are not alone. There are things you can do when you doubt to help bring you to the next level of faith. Tony Evans shares those with you in this video devotional. Faith is not the absence of fear. Faith is simply acting …

God’s Provision Follows Belief

Tony Evans delivers a powerful illustration about how hearing the Word and believing the Word are two different things. It’s one thing to simply go to church and hope that things work out, but God’s provision follows those who believe and act on the words He has spoken.  

A Country In A Crisis

We as a nation are facing a trying time of disunity and racial tension, but there’s still hope. Tony Evans shares about the importance of Biblical unity (oneness of purpose). When the body of Christ is unified under the lordship of Jesus Christ, it has the potential to be a light to the world during times of unrest and division. …

I Have a Plan For You

Sometimes even the light of day seems to loom heavy on our hearts. However scripture tells us that through the trials, pain and darkness Christ is with us and has overcome. Seek Him with your trials. Seek Him in your pain. And seek Him in the darkness. He is the Author of our victory, the Hope in the shadows, and …