Jesus Christ is Your Covering

Many people are in the vicinity of safety, but true eternal safety is only found in Jesus Christ. Trust Him as your personal Deliverer today. Recent Posts

Wait for God’s Perfect Timing

In Tony’s new book, Pathways, you will discover the pathway that will take you toward the place God has in store for you. With your gift of any amount to our ministry, we will send you this brand new book along with Tony’s popular CD series Esther. Yes, Please

God Can Re-write Your Story

FIND YOUR PATH Have you found yourself wishing for a fairy tale ending to your story? God is in the re-writing business. Discover the pathway that will take you toward the place God has in store for you. Find out how in Tony Evans' brand-new book, Pathways. Yes, Please

When God Lets You Hit Rock Bottom

Sometimes God lets you hit rock bottom so that you can discover He is the Rock at the bottom. Recent Posts

Win the Spiritual Battle in Your Mind

When the Bible talks about the Helmet of Salvation, it's talking about controlling our thoughts. To win the spiritual battle that is happening in our minds, we must be thinking thoughts that have been renewed by God's word. God wants us to dismantle every thought that goes against the rule of Christ in our lives. What God says about something ...