Why We Need Revival

Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in You? – Psalm 85:6

David’s cry in this psalm is one we each must echo.

How do we know whether we need a revival? Historically, revivals are preceded by spiritual decline, marked by divisiveness, anger, continuous crises, addictions, and service without passion. The need for revival is simply a result of sin in our lives.

Revival is the restoration of the spiritual life of God’s people and a return to the abundant life God intended for His followers. When God revives us, we can expect authentic change and real spiritual power.

If you have experienced chaos or a crisis in your life lately, examine what God’s purpose behind it could be. Dignify your difficulties through focusing on the purpose of the pain. Seek Him and allow Him to show you the sin He wants you to turn from. In doing so, you can ultimately usher in a revival in your soul.

I want to encourage you to spend time asking God to let you see yourself and your situation from His perspective. Let Him reveal to you why He has allowed what He has. Discover the meaning in the mess as God draws you near to Him in your own personal revival.

Are you ready for the abundant life? It’s yours to receive.

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