New Work or Old Work?

God demands humility if He is going to show you your calling in His kingdom. As long as you can do it all by yourself, you don’t need God. And if you don’t need God then it can’t be His calling because God’s calling on your life will always be greater than anything you could ever accomplish on your own.

God wants you to acknowledge this and come before Him humbly. When you approach Him with your spiritual shoes off – like Moses did when he took off his shoes at the burning bush, admitting that you have no reason to be elevated in His sight, God will speak to you. He will lead you into your destiny, the purpose He has divinely ordained for your life.

One of the greatest hindrances, though, to seeing a new work of God in your life is being too tied to an old work of God. Far too often, we remember a past success or open door that God led us through and make the wrong assumption that this is something that will not change for the rest of our lives. We fail to allow for other opportunities to come our way as life goes on. Yet God is not tied to your past as much as you might be. He will often use steps in our lives to take us to another location. Those past decisions or options could be something that He used to redirect your thinking, relocate you, or any number of things.

A danger to discovering your destiny is being too tied to thinking that you have figured God out. He is constantly revealing His plan to us day by day and being open to hearing from Him afresh and anew is one of the most important traits that you can have as You seek Him.

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