Looking For Your Purpose?

If you want to know your calling, don’t go “calling-looking.” Go God-looking. God knows where He wants you, what He is calling you to do, when He wants you to do it, and how He wants it done. Therefore, if you want to find your calling, look for God. When you find God, His calling will find you.

God’s calling for your life, then, will be experienced out of your relationship with Him. If there is no relationship, you will not come to know what your calling is all about.

Moses met God at a burning bush because he came to the mountain where God was hanging out. Now Moses didn’t know he was going to meet God that day, but he was in God’s presence.

If you want to know your calling, you have to go where God is. If you never have time to go before the face of God, you won’t find your calling. If you never have time to spend in God’s Word, you won’t find your calling. If you never have time to be around the people of God, you will never find your calling.

We spend so much time doing things that may be okay within themselves but rob us of time in God’s presence. When you encounter God, He will lead you to your calling. Your calling finds you when you find God. And there is nothing more powerful in life than living out the purpose that God has ordained just for you. It is when you are doing that – that you will truly feel most alive.

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