Been There, I Understand

I’ve been there. Four kids running around the house. The noise – the chaos – the demands. In our home I was the self-assigned homework-helper, school-chauffeur, game-player and floor-wrestler. I understand busy. Deadlines. Meetings. And being tired. Yet in all of it – I committed to always being intentional and available for our kids.

Now that they are all grown and serving the Lord, I look back and say it was worth it. Every bit of it.

But I hear you. I see you. You’re sitting there at your kitchen table, surrounded by laundry in the living room and dishes in the sink. It’s easy to “outsource” parenting to church, school, neighborhood friends, social media, entertainment or whatever when it has become hard just to keep up. I get you. I understand.

That’s why the new book I wrote on parenting isn’t a book about guilt. We’ve all been weary. We’ve all made mistakes. I’ve made my share. But this is a book about discovering the power of seizing today – doing one thing intentionally today in the life of your child and watching that one thing grow.

My kids didn’t turn out perfect. But they have hearts for our Lord and all are serving Him in full-time ministry – Chrystal Hurst, Priscilla Shirer, Anthony and Jonathan. I couldn’t ask for more. And while not everyone is called to serve God in full-time ministry – we are all called to serve Him in our lives through our purpose and our destiny. That’s what I want for you, and that’s what I want for your kids, too.

Raising kingdom kids starts with you. Wherever you are in your journey, it’s never too late to apply God’s principles to parenting and experience His power in your home.

After hundreds of thousands of people read both Kingdom Man and Kingdom Woman, I began getting asked, “What about parenting?” As a result, this book addresses various aspects of parenting based on biblical principles. I had fun writing it and even got my four kids involved as they share different stories and challenges on parenting in the book as well.

Never forget that as a Christian parent, the power behind you is greater than the task ahead.

Discover more about this powerful new release Raising Kingdom Kids right here.