Seize Victory with the Armor of God.

When we’re going somewhere we assess the occasion to determine what clothes are appropriate for the particular place we’re going‭,‬‭ ‬or the event that we are a part of‭. ‬We probably wouldn’t wear shorts to a wedding‭, ‬or suits to a barbecue because the attire does not typically fit the occasion‭.‬

So it is with spiritual warfare‭. ‬In order to arrive ready for battle on the field‭, ‬we would not come in casual clothes‭. ‬We would‭ ‬come suited up with spiritual armor‭. ‬That is because this is not a war of flesh and blood‭. ‬People are not our ultimate problem‭.‬‭ ‬People‮—‬flesh and blood‮—‬are merely conduits for something else that’s operating in the invisible realm that causes us to have challenges in the visible‭ ‬realm‭.‬

So if you want to address something that’s visible and physical‭, ‬you must address its spiritual and invisible antecedent‭; ‬you must investigate that which has preceded it‭. ‬Our basic problem is that we wrestle against principalities‭, ‬and powers and world forces‭. ‬Ephesians 6:12‭ ‬reads‭ ‬“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood‭, ‬but against the rulers‭, ‬against the powers‭, ‬against the world forces of this darkness‭, ‬against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places‭.‬”‭ ‬He says until you learn to address the spiritual‭, ‬you will forever be tinkering with the physical‭.‬

Then Paul says in verse 13‭, ‬“Take up the full armor of God‭.‬”‭ ‬Don’t get partly dressed‭. ‬Don’t just put on a few pieces‭. ‬Take up the complete wardrobe so that you will be able to‭ ‬“resist in the evil day‭.‬”‭ ‬That’s the day when you are attacked‭. ‬That’s when all hell breaks through in your life‭. ‬The difference between a Christian who‭ ‬feels like God has left them high and dry and a Christian who seems to look adversity in the face with confidence is the latter‭ ‬has donned the full armor of God‭.‬

God has provided you with a way to weather the worst that Satan can dish out and to counterattack with a crushing blow.

He even lists each piece of this spiritual armor‭. ‬“Stand firm therefore‭, ‬having girded your loins with‭ ‬truth‭, ‬and having put on the‭ ‬breastplate of righteousness‭, ‬and having shod your feet with the‭ ‬preparation of the gospel of peace‭; ‬in addition to all‭, ‬taking up the‭ ‬shield of faith‭ ‬with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one‭. ‬And take the‭ ‬helmet of salvation‭, ‬and the‭ ‬sword of the Spirit‭, ‬which is the word of God”‭ (‬Ephesians 6:14-17‭).‬

While it takes a while to acquaint yourself with this armor‭, ‬be assured‭; ‬the struggles you face today and the attacks you experience from Satan need not cripple you‭. ‬God has provided you with a way to weather the worst that Satan can dish out and to counterattack with a crushing blow‭. ‬Put on His armor today‭, ‬and start seizing your victory‭!‬

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Life can hit pretty hard‭. ‬From money problems to marital problems‭, ‬from health woes to job woes‭, ‬Satan uses what he can to bring‭ ‬us to our knees‭.‬

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Ask Tony: Spiritual Warfare Q & A

1. According to the Bible, who is the prince of this world/prince of the power of the air/god of this age?

Satan is the prince of the air and the god of this world.‭ ‬He exercises authority in the earthly realm of the world‭. ‬Worldliness is that system or understanding of the world whereby Satan leaves God out and brings lies in‭. ‬He wants to keep God out of the discussion or offer a wrong definition of who God is‭. ‬That‭ ‬is because he knows God will not operate where there is untruth‭, ‬because God is truth‭. ‬Satan seeks to rule your world by controlling your access to God through limitation‭, ‬so that God’s presence will not be manifest or experienced in your life‭.‬

2. In Ephesians 1:10 Paul says that God’s goal in human history is the “summing up of all things in Christ” and in Colossians 1:20 Paul speaks similarly of God through Christ working to “reconcile all things to Himself.” What role does this work of summing up/reconciling all things play in the cosmic conflict of Christ against Satan and his demons?

God has a philosophy of history whereby all things are summed up in Christ.‭ ‬God has established Jesus as the head of His kingdom in history that will ultimately be fulfilled when Jesus physically comes back and rules the world from Jerusalem as King of Kings and Lord of Lords‭, ‬bringing all the kingdoms of the world under His rule‭. ‬But in the meantime‭, ‬God’s people are to be the‭ ‬“previews of coming attractions‭.‬”‭ ‬We are to illustrate what things will look like‭, ‬when Jesus has a worldwide reign‭. ‬And so‭, ‬in your world or the sphere of your‭ ‬influence‭, ‬you are to bring that world that you live in and have influence over under the rule of Jesus Christ so that people can see what it will be like through your life‭. ‬

3. Why is unity in general and more particularly the racial/ethnic unity of the church such a crucial battleground in spiritual warfare?

Satan knows clearly that when God established the church through the work of Jesus Christ, there was to be one body made up of different peoples from different backgrounds, demonstrating the unity of the family of God.‭ ‬Satan knows God does His best work in unity‭. ‬So what Satan does is create racial‭, ‬cultural‭, ‬class and gender disunity to keep God at bay because God cannot be Himself in a disunified environment‭. ‬If he can instigate personality conflicts like the two ladies who couldn’t get along in the Church of Philippi‭ (‬Philippians 4:2-3‭), ‬then he can keep God from fully manifesting His Spirit‭, ‬because God will only fully manifest Himself in a unified environment‭.‬

Woman to Woman

Striving to be the Kingdom Woman

Kingdom woman‭. ‬Those words sound like some pretty high stilettos to walk around in all day‭. ‬The truth of the matter is that I know I’m not that woman‭. ‬She is someone I strive to become but whose roles and responsibilities seem like a lot to handle‭.‬

Who is this woman‭? ‬Oh‭, ‬I know‭. ‬She must be my neighbor‭. ‬She must be the woman who sits next to me at church or the lady who always seems to have the time to serve others‭. ‬She must be every other woman‭, ‬that is‭. ‬Just like Eve‭, ‬we women tend to spend more time analyzing what we are not or what we don’t have than recognizing who we were created to be‭. ‬

But also like Eve‭, ‬we have a choice‭. ‬We can choose to believe what God’s Word says about who we are and who we are created to be‭, ‬or we can entertain the lies planted by the enemy of our souls and cultivated by the culture we live in‭. ‬Romans 10:17‭ ‬says that‭ ‬“faith comes from hearing‭, ‬and hearing by the word of Christ‭.‬”‭ ‬

You don’t have to seek anyone else’s approval for the life God has given you to live‭. ‬You don’t have to apologize for the strength‭, ‬fortitude‭, ‬courage‭, ‬talent‭, ‬beauty or intellect your Creator has given you‭. ‬Ladies‭, ‬we all‭ ‬are God’s‭ ‬“workmanship‭, ‬created in Christ Jesus for good works‭, ‬which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them”‭ (‬Ephesians 2:10‭). ‬So‭, ‬kingdom woman‭, ‬wear His glory well‭. ‬Walk on His runway‭.‬

A Letter From Tony

A Letter from Tony

Dear Friend‭,‬

In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians‭, ‬he outlines an inventory of the spiritual armor God expects us to wear and use when facing attacks by‭ ‬the enemy‭ (‬Ephesians 6:10-17‭). ‬As an opener to this list‭, ‬he issues a command‭: ‬“STAND FIRM‭.‬”‭ ‬So‭, ‬what does that even mean‭?‬

It means stay in the area that has already brought you victory‭. ‬It means don’t go over to the place where you lean on your own understanding‭. ‬If you’re under an umbrella and it’s raining all around you but you’re not getting wet‭, ‬would you leave the protection of that umbrella and go out in the downpouring rain‭? ‬No‭, ‬may it never be‭! ‬You would STAND FIRM under the umbrella‭. ‬Please note that standing under the umbrella doesn’t stop it from raining‭; ‬it just stops it from raining on you‭. ‬Evil continues to run all around you‭, ‬but it has no effect on you‭.‬‭ ‬The devil’s scheme gets you to step to the right or left so that you are no longer under the Lord’s cover‭.‬

In western days‭, ‬a father‭, ‬interested in protecting his family in the wagon‭, ‬might try to outrun a prairie fire by riding very fast‭. ‬But a prairie fire sometimes moves at lightning speed‭. ‬Imagine what the father’s son would think if suddenly his father turned the wagons around and drove the team to a spot where the fire had already burnt‭ ‬the field‭. ‬Imagine how he would feel if his father told him to get out of the wagon and stand in that burnt patch with the fire‭ ‬raging all around him‭. ‬How would you feel if you were that son or daughter‭? ‬You might ask‭, ‬“Why would you leave me in a burning field‭, ‬Lord‭?‬”

But our heavenly Father answers back‭, ‬saying‭, ‬“The spot you are standing in has nothing left to burn‭. ‬The flames rage all around you but they can’t reach you because there’s nothing for it to grab hold of‭.‬”‭ ‬By sending Jesus Christ to earth to wage war against sin and death‭, ‬God made it so Satan has no stake in your life‭. ‬His demons‭ ‬rage all around you‭, ‬but they can’t reach you because there’s nothing for them to grab hold of‭. ‬

To better understand the war you are in‭, ‬grab a copy of my CD series‭ ‬Armor of God‭. ‬There are eight instructive messages for you to listen to‭. ‬Coupled with my book‭, ‬Warfare: Winning the Spiritual Battle‭, ‬you will have the tools you need to seize victory already secured by Jesus‭. ‬BOTH the CD series and book are yours with your generous gift to our ministry‭. ‬Take back what God has given to you‭, ‬and start living in victory today‭.‬

For His kingdom‭,‬

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