A Spiritual Battle of Truth vs Lies

Jesus said that the truth would set us free, but how can it set us free if we are not actively engaged in that truth? If we want to experience spiritual victory, we must be willing to operate based on God’s views.

Discovering His absolute truth starts with a willingness to first seek Him for a revelation of that truth. Whatever is coming against you today, determine to find out what God says about the situation you are facing. When you act based on His perspective, you will start seeing the supernatural victory you’ve been praying for.

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You’re Always Welcome Home

One of the worst sins of all is to apostatize—to publicly and vehemently deny the faith. It doesn’t get much worse than that. When you look at all the things God has done for us, in our salvation, in our provision, in our protection to deny our association with Him or to marginalize Him is the ultimate insult. Yet, God …

Impressing God from the Inside Out

We all know fashion is a big thing. How you look, how you present yourself, how you walk and how you talk is all designed to impress others. What God is interested in is us impressing Him. We can take what He has given us—resources, good looks, talents, even our ability to relate to other people—and “kingdomize” it. In other …

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