A Spiritual Attack on Your Heart

The reason the devil wants to attack your heart is because, if he can get to it, he can effect the rest of your life as well. Out of the heart flow the issues of life, and that’s why Dr. Evans reminds us to guard our hearts. The breastplate is a piece of armor that would protect a soldier’s heart in battle, and the breastplate of righteousness is critical to protecting believers’ hearts today.

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Climbing Which Ladder of Success

A friend was driving through Dallas not too long ago when he made a turn around the corner of a fairly busy tollway only to discover a ladder lying in the middle of the road. He quickly swerved to miss it and then called to inform the authorities so that they could get the ladder removed. It must have fallen …

Fasting From Fretting

Every January at the church where I pastor we hold what is called a “Solemn Assembly.” This is one dedicated week where we come together as a congregation to fast, pray and commit our lives and our year to the Lord. There are no rules given for what a person can fast from. We simply ask that something be chosen …

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