A Spiritual Attack on Your Heart

The reason the devil wants to attack your heart is because, if he can get to it, he can effect the rest of your life as well. Out of the heart flow the issues of life, and that’s why Dr. Evans reminds us to guard our hearts. The breastplate is a piece of armor that would protect a soldier’s heart in battle, and the breastplate of righteousness is critical to protecting believers’ hearts today.

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Take the First Step of Faith

God has a part for you to play in accomplishing what He wants to do through you. When God did spectacular things in the Bible, He always required the people He was working through to do something first. He told Moses to hold out his rod. He told Joshua to have the priests to step into the water. Jesus told …

The Secret of Success

Everyone wants to be a success. Nobody sets out to fail.  While none of us can go back and undo the mistakes of yesteryear, each of us has the option of becoming successful from here on out. We can either begin that journey for the first time, or we can continue the journey of fulfilling God’s destiny for us as …