A Spiritual Attack on Your Heart

The reason the devil wants to attack your heart is because, if he can get to it, he can effect the rest of your life as well. Out of the heart flow the issues of life, and that’s why Dr. Evans reminds us to guard our hearts. The breastplate is a piece of armor that would protect a soldier’s heart in battle, and the breastplate of righteousness is critical to protecting believers’ hearts today.

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Explore the Book of Deuteronomy

This week we will resume our twice-monthly overviews of the books of the Bible. My prayer is that they will give you an overview of what is in each book and make your reading more interesting and spiritually enriching. The book is a combination of a history lesson, a sermon and a call to obedience. Deuteronomy is the fifth and …

No More Excuses

It’s time to quit making excuses. Perhaps you didn’t have a good beginning upon which to build. Maybe your parents fought or divorced early on. Maybe you didn’t come from a nice neighborhood or a school system whose funding indicated that they took your future seriously. Maybe you had to raise yourself because your mom worked three jobs. Or maybe …