A Kingdom Man Takes Responsibility

The buck stops here.
—A sign on the desk of President Harry S. Truman

If you’ve ever played or watched sports, you know what I mean by the “loser’s limp.” It’s what happens when an outfielder misjudges a fly ball and misses the catch, or when a wide receiver drops an easy pass. The player falls to the ground and gets up limping. He’s not really hurt. The purpose of the limp is to camouflage his failure. He wants his teammates and fans to think he missed the ball because of a cramp or pulled muscle or other injury— anything besides his own mistake. It’s the athlete’s excuse.

Adam tried his own loser’s limp way back in the gar­den. Despite what you learned from a Bible storybook, Eve was not alone during her conversation with the ser­pent. Genesis 3:6 describes “her husband with her.” The whole time the serpent was talking, Adam was there. Silent. And by his silence, Adam relinquished his God-given right to leadership. The silence of Adam is still a problem among men. But Adam—and you and I—are still accountable. While Eve bore responsibility for her part, Adam was held responsible because of his leader­ship position.

Men, you are responsible for that which falls within your realm of influence: your family, ministry, career, re­sources, community, or other areas of personal influence. Stop living as a responder. Lose the loser’s limp. Own up whether you make the grab or bobble the ball. And embrace your role as a kingdom leader.