Tony Evans Speaks on Christian Singlehood

ISingle, finding your value is not tied to finding your mate. God has a plan for YOU. - Tony Evans


The Apostle Paul understood the single lifestyle far better than the social commentators of our day. A summary of his inspired words in the New Testament present us with a challenge that cuts across the grain of our society:

Being single is more desirable for a Christian than being married.

There’s a good deal of controversy surrounding that concept, even though it is every bit as biblical as John 3:16. Make no mistake about what Paul is saying: If you are single, you are in the best possible position.

Yet far too many single people fear they are missing out on God’s plan or God’s best for their lives if they aren’t married. Many singles feel as if their lives are in a holding pattern, like an airplane that is supposed to be landing at its destination but has been ordered to circle the airport.

The Scripture deals with the subject of singleness head-on in 1 Corinthians 7:25–40, where the apostle Paul answers his readers’ questions concerning marriage and singleness. In this passage, we discover at least three vital principles for singles:

Waiting on the Lord  |  Working for the Lord  |  Being wed in the Lord

These main components make up much of what it means to be single and empower you to embrace your singlehood while maximizing every moment of your life.

Paul makes it clear that if you are single, God can make your situation a blessing rather than bitter if you look to Him to do it. If you are single, take courage and pride in your position because God Himself is your purpose. You have been made for Him. As He says in Isaiah,

Isaiah 54:5,6

The Benefits of Being Single

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