The Miracle of the Million

Through our onsite and online training, we equip churches to partner with schools to mentor students in the school or at the church as well as to provide wrap-around family support services. These encompass food, shelter, clothing, General Educational Development (GED) completion, adult literacy, English as a Second Language (ESL), computer training, crisis pregnancy, family resource needs, counseling services, and other things.

While the church can seek entrance into the community through the public school, other avenues are available through the community based wrap-around services. These services offer a point of entry for welcoming new and potential members into the church family as well.

The mission of rebuilding communities starts with the basic foundational truth — what a man thinks, he becomes. A person’s behavior is often dictated by his or her thoughts.

Change a thought – change a life. Changed lives then transform families. Transformed families change communities. And restored communities change our nation.


Pray for the leaders in our nation who are in a position of influence regarding faith-based and neighborhood partnerships.
Ask God to raise up thousands of church and school partnerships across our land to restore hope and transform lives.

Discover more about racial unity, biblical justice and the Kingdom through the candid book Oneness Embraced.
Equip yourself with the the knowledge and tools to start a social outreach initiative through our various training opportunities.

Start a church and school partnership in your area. Learn more here. Bring Tony Evans to your community to host a
rally for area churches on oneness and the need for church and school partnerships. For more information, contact us.

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The miracle of the million begins with the miracle of the one.