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Tony Evans weekly devotional

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- God is in Control -

Everything you and I have, or possess, has been given to us as a direct result of God choosing to do so. There is nothing that you have received that was not either created by God or created by things that God created. God produces each and every single thing. Because He does, He claims sovereignty over it all as well. He controls it. He is the consummate, penultimate, micro-manager. He is intricately, intimately involved in every single detail. He manages the universe and all of us in it to the highest degree possible. And if He weren’t – if He would just take a moment to step back and not hold the universe in place, we would all be obliterated in an instant.

From His vantage point, it all makes perfect sense. Yet from ours, time can seem marked by an endless array or series of contingencies that we may call “bad luck” or “chance” or even “random events.” But that’s just how it seems; that’s not how it is. Because nothing is random with God.

One of our problems in remaining on the right path as we head toward our purpose is that we do not see the end. We get frustrated and feel lost when we can’t see where we are headed. Have you ever felt frustrated when you were driving and you got lost? Or have you been with someone who got frustrated when they were driving and got lost? Yet when a map was found, or a GPS, or directions from a stranger that pointed the way – the frustrations fell away. This is because reaching the end came into sight.

What happens to us, though, in following God along the pathways of His providential leading is that He doesn’t always give us the directions to the very end. He doesn’t provide us with the full map view so we can see every turn we’ll eventually take. He gives us a glimpse here, or a direction there but rarely ever the entire picture.

Friend, nothing comes to you that doesn’t pass through God’s providential fingers first. You have to know that. You have to believe that. You have to trust that. You have to rest in that. That mindset will situate you so that you can respond to life’s challenges, setbacks and randomness with a spirit of intentionality and persevering faith.

When you recognize the invisible Hand of God, you will discover the details and direction leading you to your destiny.

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