Driven by Relationship by Jonathan Pitts

Having grown up in the Evans Family Ministries, as I call them, there has always been a very personal and relational motivation to what I do. I have been serving as the Executive Director of The Urban Alternative for almost four years now. I served as the Director of Membership at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, the church that Dr. Evans started some 40 years ago, for 4 years prior to that. And I started my life in ministry as manager of Anthony Evans Jr.’s music career for over 7 years. The relationships run deep and I count it a real joy to have been called by God to serve this family…my family.

You see, I married into this family before Tony Evans was a name I was familiar with. He was one of my wife’s uncles that we received a “Congratulations” card from on our wedding day. Little did I know that he would become my pastor, my boss, my mentor, and my leader.

Dr. Evans has taught me much over the many years I’ve known him and his wisdom has exponentially transformed my thinking since I began serving him in a vocational capacity. Through relationship, he continues to disciple me and I’m grateful for his influence in my life.

His faith has taught me to “think big” and dream big. His confidence in a God who does “exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask or think” has been a challenge to my own faith. He has taught me to expect great things from our great God, for the benefit of His people and for His glory.

Dr. Evans’ humility has consistently knocked me down to size. I consistently watch him walk humbly before the Lord, even when others attempt to build his ego, knowingly or unknowingly.

His faithfulness has taught me the value of being faithful. His word has always been his bond, and he is revered and respected greatly, beyond his God-given skills as an orator, preacher, and pastor, in many ways because of this godly characteristic.

I’m grateful for all he has taught me, but I’m most grateful for his relational investment in my family and future.

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